Monday, 10 June 2013

My Hair Dryer

Hey folks, wass up? Hope all good and you are all doing good.

Alright here we go with hair dryer. Firstly let me tell you guys, I'm not here to promote any brand or product. all i'm doing is sharing my opinion.

I was not used to hair dryers earlier. But I thought I would start using one in one winter day, because it was very tough to dry hair in winter. Due to wet hair I used to fall sick.

Once i decided to buy hair dryer i started researching which one to take. Trust me it took so long time because it was for the first time. After doing so much of research i found  one. That is Babyliss. It really works well.

I'm happy with it. it takes 10-20 minutes to blow dry and takes another 15 minutes if i want to straighten it. But i suggest to use hair serum before drying and before finishing. It doesn't damage your hair.

This pretty dryer has got controlling heat panel. One can control the heat as required. And also it has cooling as well, so if you feel your hair need some cooling air after finishing you can use it.

I got it in discount, so doesn't cost me much. But I love it. It saves me from flu, cold or fever due to wet hair. Get the right dryer and make your winter warm with your hair.

Ok, here how are we gonna save money? Tell me instead of getting sick, seeing a doctor due to headaches isn't it better to get dryer make smoother with hair.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My ponytail braid Maker...

   This is an amazing tool for me. A stick which has round neck saves me when I'm hurry to go out and no time to do some nice fancy hair style.

I should say I might have spent cents on it not even $ when i bought initially but does $$ worth work. When I looked at it first time I wondered how this make my pony look gorgeous? And how do I use?

Thanks to Internet and youtube which made my life easy. I have seen couple of videos and started using it. This sits in my handbag all the time or may be some times in my clutch as well.

Look at some you tube videos how you can use this tool by typing in for hair styles. But one thing in some places and for some people it might be hard to find this tool. It's not an easy tool to find though..

Again thanks to Internet everything made easy. You can find this on any of the bigger online shops like amazon.

One disadvantage of this tool is, if you don't handle it it might leave a mark on your hand or neck as it is made out of non-plastic so be careful while using it. otherwise it's really really cool dude.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bikini Trimmer


Before we talk anything about this little tine monster let me tell you something. Trimmers and tweezers are different. Do not look at them as same. 

Tweezers pulls out the hair from the root, where as trimmer only cuts the hair till the root but it doesn't lift from the root. So do not get confused and do not opt for wrong one.

Choose the best you can from any online retail store.

People who are comfortable to go for tweezers they can opt for tweezer technology product. Folks who are just beginners and need some time to get habituated to all these Trimmer is the best. And also for people who are not comfortable with little pain.

Now coming back to product, look at that beautiful tool, it trims your hair at most sensitive area of your body with out any cuts and pain. Make you feel confident.

No more hidings, No more no to bikinis. It costs you around $20-$40 depends on the brand. Works wonders. This trimmer works on batteries so you can carry with you wherever you go. No hassles to plugs, sockets etc.,

You can find AAA/AA batteries any where in the world. You can choose best trimmer according to your budget. You can check out all the products at Amazon 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hair Curlers!!!

How many of you heard of how do i curl my hair? It's buzzing word now in the fashion place. If it's an special occasion obviously we want look more special.

Friends who don't want to use electronic curler always can opt for this. Or may be if you have time and save some energy and electricity bill can opt for this product. They are readily available in the market. You can go to any online shop and order for it.

How to Use? These curlers are easy to use. But, you need to use them under wet hair. When your hair is wet it works properly otherwise you will be frustrated.

Comb your wet hair and take small portion of each and tie these rolling sticks. Leave it for about hour or so. Your curlers are ready. If you want thick curlers you need to put them longer duration.

The best thing would be after tying them use your dryer on top of it under less temperature. That's the most quickest way to do.

How about cost? As usual they don't cost you a lot. But these are good for people who want to go for natural curls.

Hope this is useful. stay connected. As always Your suggestions and experiences are welcomed. You can find this product at Amazon

Hair Bun Maker!!!

I love to make hair bun. But unfortunately I can not make a very good looking hair bun by myself. One fine day when i was watching hair styling videos i have come across this awesome tool and started hunting for it. Finally i got it from one of the online store. I order it and now it does my hair bun.

Initially it may take some time to get along with it if you are new to making hair buns like me. Watch some video tutorials and practice it works for you.

And the best part is it doesn't cost much and really does well. It might cost you a $1 worth spending. I read reviews like it looks cheap and not going well. But I say when it doesn't appear outside when you make a bun so this sponge sits in your hair, so i don't have any worries about it looks. You may need bobby pins to secure your hair if they are really slippery like mine.

for more creative ideas you can watch some youtube videos and follow the instructions. Enjoy your style of hair buns.

Stay connected. :)

Finishing touch hair remover!!!

This tiny little hair removing tool is handy and works well for eyebrow shaping. I understand how painful and difficult to make an eyebrow look beautiful. I read many reviews about it positive and negative as always.

However I really love this product. It needs little extra care to handle as it's neck is delicate. If it falls down it might get hurt and get deceased. :)

Alright let's see how much it cost?

It cost somewhere $10-$20.

How much eyebrow threading costs?

I think each sitting costs the same as above anywhere around $10-$20 or may be more. I remembered paying $22 to shape my eyebrows. Which is really really expensive.

Lets see the most downside of it :

Even if i buy once in 3 months it still saves my money. cause I go to beauty house twice in a month. That means I'm spending anywhere $20-$40 per month. That means I'll be spending $60-$120 per month. Gosh!!! I can pay my electricity bill in it. :) Believe me, I'm not exaggerating, I'm trying to avoid huge bills on beauty house.

This is the worst case scenario , which is unlikely to happen, that it lost only for 3 months. No it long last if you handle with care.

Hope this makes some sense and the product will be added to your wish list. Stay connected for more reviews.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Epilators Revolution!!!

Hi Friends,

Today lets talk about epilators and how they can save money. Before we proceed let's see what is an Epilator?

An Epilator is basically an instrument which removes unwanted hair temporarily. Which works on Tweezing technology.

Who want it? Anybody who don't want unwanted hair. People who says YES to all the below questions.

I want to get rid of threading. I don't want to use wax any more. Need something smarter to get away with unwanted hair. I'm spending lot of money on my beauty house in-order to get rid of my unwanted hair. I don't want to shave because my skin becomes rough. I want silk and smooth skin with out any hair on my skin. and so on so forth.

Right ladies, don't tell me that you never thought like above. didn't you? Well I have been in search of smarter product to get get rid of waxing pain, threading pain, shaving cuts etc etc.

Finally I got one that is EPILATOR. Thanks to all those guys who manufactured and invented this technology. Though I'm still looking for more smarter products for economical rate, when i say more smarter that means battery powered which i can put it in my hand bag and take along with me while i travel and don't want to fight with different kinds of sockets and run around for universal sockets. I hope to see them more in near future.

Let's see How much it costs? anywhere from $30 to $150 depends on the brand and number tweezing it has got and number of headers it has.

You must be thinking This is EXPENSIVE. Well actually it's not. Why do I say this? Let's do a simple math here.

For me if I want to go for body waxing it costs me $35 per visit. I think you got my answer yes, yes absolutely a one time payment of body waxing will give you one whole life time tool. Doesn't it sound awesome?

Well I know all of you are smart enough to do simple maths on how much are you investing in getting rid of unwanted hair and I know you will take wiser decision.

Who are the players in Epilators Markets. There are many, however I would like to mention few of them whom i really like and I have used their products and really good.

Epilady(the introducer), Emjoi (Leader in tweezers), Remington (Economical) and the Braun ( Innovative and leader in shaving/tweezing Technologies)

So friends what do you think? Is not good to have one to save some $$$. I hope you got real sense of your money from this article. I appreciate to receive your valuable feedback and do share with your friends and family to help them save some money.

Stay connected. I'll be back. Have a Great Week End.