Saturday, 1 June 2013

Upper lip remover and Facial remover.

Hi Friends, 

 In my previous post I shared my top 10 beauty tools. Now lets understand how do we benefit out of them. 
The very first product facial hair remover, my most favourite product of all. This tiny little tool saved lot of $$$ for me. How? Lets do a simple maths here, lets say upper lip threading was costing me around 10-12 per visit. 

But i heard from my friends the lowest rate would be $7 or so. I used to go to parlour twice a month, I'm being generous i guess because i know people who visit beauty saloon 3-4 times a month.  So, twice a month @ cost of $7-10 costs $14-20. That totals $168-200 per year. Huge Money.

 My dear ladies you can do these conversions in your own currency not necessarily in dollars though, as i pay in $$$ so I'm calculating in $$$.

 Alright Now lets see how much this tiny tool cost us and how much time will it take to do DIY(Do it Yourself). This tool will cost you some where around $5-$25. If you buy once your gonna save almost more than $150 per year. Can you believe it. But yes truly true you are going to save $$$.It hardly takes any time lets about 5-10mins. The best of it is you can carry it in your handbag and use it when ever you want. 

 Now lets talk about performance, it does well, trust me you can trust this tiny little monster. why am I sounding so confident about it, let me tell you my hair growth is fast and thick. I use this every week. the moment I see black shade on my lip i take out my tiny tool and twist. This is one of my most favourite tool. I saved lot of $$$ and bought other tools. 

 If you buy once in a year, which rarely happens. Because if you use it properly and preserve it properly i think you can use it till you get bored of it or may be life time. It's still worth to spend. How to use and for reviews you might check in youtube or any of the online stores if it is available. It slightly pains like an ant bite, but believe me if I'm using it then any one can. cause I have got very sensitive skin it always use to cut when i was threading.

 So ladies what do you think about, would you like to give it a try and save some money like me. let me know. Stay connected for more reviews.