Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My ponytail braid Maker...

   This is an amazing tool for me. A stick which has round neck saves me when I'm hurry to go out and no time to do some nice fancy hair style.

I should say I might have spent cents on it not even $ when i bought initially but does $$ worth work. When I looked at it first time I wondered how this make my pony look gorgeous? And how do I use?

Thanks to Internet and youtube which made my life easy. I have seen couple of videos and started using it. This sits in my handbag all the time or may be some times in my clutch as well.

Look at some you tube videos how you can use this tool by typing in for hair styles. But one thing in some places and for some people it might be hard to find this tool. It's not an easy tool to find though..

Again thanks to Internet everything made easy. You can find this on any of the bigger online shops like amazon.

One disadvantage of this tool is, if you don't handle it it might leave a mark on your hand or neck as it is made out of non-plastic so be careful while using it. otherwise it's really really cool dude.