Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bikini Trimmer


Before we talk anything about this little tine monster let me tell you something. Trimmers and tweezers are different. Do not look at them as same. 

Tweezers pulls out the hair from the root, where as trimmer only cuts the hair till the root but it doesn't lift from the root. So do not get confused and do not opt for wrong one.

Choose the best you can from any online retail store.

People who are comfortable to go for tweezers they can opt for tweezer technology product. Folks who are just beginners and need some time to get habituated to all these Trimmer is the best. And also for people who are not comfortable with little pain.

Now coming back to product, look at that beautiful tool, it trims your hair at most sensitive area of your body with out any cuts and pain. Make you feel confident.

No more hidings, No more no to bikinis. It costs you around $20-$40 depends on the brand. Works wonders. This trimmer works on batteries so you can carry with you wherever you go. No hassles to plugs, sockets etc.,

You can find AAA/AA batteries any where in the world. You can choose best trimmer according to your budget. You can check out all the products at Amazon