Saturday, 1 June 2013

Epilators Revolution!!!

Hi Friends,

Today lets talk about epilators and how they can save money. Before we proceed let's see what is an Epilator?

An Epilator is basically an instrument which removes unwanted hair temporarily. Which works on Tweezing technology.

Who want it? Anybody who don't want unwanted hair. People who says YES to all the below questions.

I want to get rid of threading. I don't want to use wax any more. Need something smarter to get away with unwanted hair. I'm spending lot of money on my beauty house in-order to get rid of my unwanted hair. I don't want to shave because my skin becomes rough. I want silk and smooth skin with out any hair on my skin. and so on so forth.

Right ladies, don't tell me that you never thought like above. didn't you? Well I have been in search of smarter product to get get rid of waxing pain, threading pain, shaving cuts etc etc.

Finally I got one that is EPILATOR. Thanks to all those guys who manufactured and invented this technology. Though I'm still looking for more smarter products for economical rate, when i say more smarter that means battery powered which i can put it in my hand bag and take along with me while i travel and don't want to fight with different kinds of sockets and run around for universal sockets. I hope to see them more in near future.

Let's see How much it costs? anywhere from $30 to $150 depends on the brand and number tweezing it has got and number of headers it has.

You must be thinking This is EXPENSIVE. Well actually it's not. Why do I say this? Let's do a simple math here.

For me if I want to go for body waxing it costs me $35 per visit. I think you got my answer yes, yes absolutely a one time payment of body waxing will give you one whole life time tool. Doesn't it sound awesome?

Well I know all of you are smart enough to do simple maths on how much are you investing in getting rid of unwanted hair and I know you will take wiser decision.

Who are the players in Epilators Markets. There are many, however I would like to mention few of them whom i really like and I have used their products and really good.

Epilady(the introducer), Emjoi (Leader in tweezers), Remington (Economical) and the Braun ( Innovative and leader in shaving/tweezing Technologies)

So friends what do you think? Is not good to have one to save some $$$. I hope you got real sense of your money from this article. I appreciate to receive your valuable feedback and do share with your friends and family to help them save some money.

Stay connected. I'll be back. Have a Great Week End.