Monday, 10 June 2013

My Hair Dryer

Hey folks, wass up? Hope all good and you are all doing good.

Alright here we go with hair dryer. Firstly let me tell you guys, I'm not here to promote any brand or product. all i'm doing is sharing my opinion.

I was not used to hair dryers earlier. But I thought I would start using one in one winter day, because it was very tough to dry hair in winter. Due to wet hair I used to fall sick.

Once i decided to buy hair dryer i started researching which one to take. Trust me it took so long time because it was for the first time. After doing so much of research i found  one. That is Babyliss. It really works well.

I'm happy with it. it takes 10-20 minutes to blow dry and takes another 15 minutes if i want to straighten it. But i suggest to use hair serum before drying and before finishing. It doesn't damage your hair.

This pretty dryer has got controlling heat panel. One can control the heat as required. And also it has cooling as well, so if you feel your hair need some cooling air after finishing you can use it.

I got it in discount, so doesn't cost me much. But I love it. It saves me from flu, cold or fever due to wet hair. Get the right dryer and make your winter warm with your hair.

Ok, here how are we gonna save money? Tell me instead of getting sick, seeing a doctor due to headaches isn't it better to get dryer make smoother with hair.