Monday, 3 June 2013

Hair Curlers!!!

How many of you heard of how do i curl my hair? It's buzzing word now in the fashion place. If it's an special occasion obviously we want look more special.

Friends who don't want to use electronic curler always can opt for this. Or may be if you have time and save some energy and electricity bill can opt for this product. They are readily available in the market. You can go to any online shop and order for it.

How to Use? These curlers are easy to use. But, you need to use them under wet hair. When your hair is wet it works properly otherwise you will be frustrated.

Comb your wet hair and take small portion of each and tie these rolling sticks. Leave it for about hour or so. Your curlers are ready. If you want thick curlers you need to put them longer duration.

The best thing would be after tying them use your dryer on top of it under less temperature. That's the most quickest way to do.

How about cost? As usual they don't cost you a lot. But these are good for people who want to go for natural curls.

Hope this is useful. stay connected. As always Your suggestions and experiences are welcomed. You can find this product at Amazon