Monday, 3 June 2013

Hair Bun Maker!!!

I love to make hair bun. But unfortunately I can not make a very good looking hair bun by myself. One fine day when i was watching hair styling videos i have come across this awesome tool and started hunting for it. Finally i got it from one of the online store. I order it and now it does my hair bun.

Initially it may take some time to get along with it if you are new to making hair buns like me. Watch some video tutorials and practice it works for you.

And the best part is it doesn't cost much and really does well. It might cost you a $1 worth spending. I read reviews like it looks cheap and not going well. But I say when it doesn't appear outside when you make a bun so this sponge sits in your hair, so i don't have any worries about it looks. You may need bobby pins to secure your hair if they are really slippery like mine.

for more creative ideas you can watch some youtube videos and follow the instructions. Enjoy your style of hair buns.

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